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Certification Courses

Let's be honest:

Higher education can be a total racket!
You spend thousands of dollars on classes you don't want to take just so you can sink into debt, stress over homework, and do nothing with your degree. The GCRR Certification Course Program wants to provide an alternative option for life-long learners.

We are an online, virtual classroom that makes it possible for you to attend college-level courses right from the comfort and safety of your own home. You will learn from leading global scholars on a variety of topics in the field of religious studies and then receive an official GCRR Certification to add to your CV or resume.

Unlike other learning platforms where you just watch a talking head speak into a camera, our course lecturers make the experience entertaining and memorable with multimedia tools and engaging content. And the best part is that you walk away with an official certification to show you are trained and proficient in the subject matter.

Indeed, our certifications are designed for you to acquire a liberal arts education from international scholars without paying thousands of dollars in tuition and subscription fees. As more of our Adjunct Professors continue to create their classes, the more variety and specialized topics will be available for you to experience.

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Student Testimonial

How was the Religious Trauma Certification Course?

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