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We are a Leading academic society and Publisher in global religious research

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is a non-religiously affiliated academic society and publishing house that brings together the world’s leading scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for the academic study of religion. As a scholastic society, “religion” is the object of our investigation, not the promotion or abolition of religious faith. As an international organization, our membership consists of people from all over the world who seek the intellectual freedom to question and explore every aspect of religion itself, including its origins and manifestations. As a social-scientific society, our students and scholars are devoted to the scientific, philosophical, and historical study of humanity’s various religious belief systems. We engage in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of what people believe, how those beliefs have evolved over time, and why they continue to affect global systems today.


GCRR is adamantly not profit-driven or agenda-driven. We are education-driven. Both our motivation and passion are focused on knowledge. As such, GCRR is neither religious nor confessional in its pursuit of that knowledge, and we do not promote or endorse any specific religion, political body, or (anti-)religious agenda.

GCRR’s main goal is the promotion of academic studies on religion, as well as the formation and preservation of professional standards in religious research, the distribution of affordable educational programs, and the support of religious researchers around the globe.

GCRR has two main values: 1) a scholarly focus on promoting the academic researchers who sacrifice so much of themselves in order to deliver knowledge about the human condition; and 2) making that knowledge easily accessible and affordable for people all over the world. In other words, GCRR wants to create a platform that benefits the researchers and their lifelong students.

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The Problem &

The Solution

The truth of the matter is that academia, along with its academic societies and publishing practices, has turned into an industry that benefits only a few while exploiting both researchers and students. Because profit has become their primary motivation, colleges and universities have become an exclusive club of academic cliques and inner circles, rarely penetrated by the less privileged. This sad fact means that many academics either cannot afford or are never given a chance to publish or teach in their field of study. Both students and general human progress suffer as a consequence.


GCRR wants to revolutionize the academic industry! We believe the academic study of religion can help answer questions and solve many global problems while enriching the lives of both educators and students.


We encourage students and professionals from all backgrounds and traditions to join us in the intellectual fight against misinformation and profit-driven agendas. For our part, GCRR has created multiple avenues for scholars to publish their research and for students to access that research. These options include:


  • Book publications through GCRR Press or one of its imprints.

  • Article publications through the peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM).

  • Presentations at one of our international virtual conferences where scholars can convene to share and collaborate on groundbreaking research that has real-world transformational impact.

  • Educational certification courses in multiple fields of study.

Mission & Purpose

The mission of GCRR is to make unique and significant contributions to the scientific, historical, and philosophical study of the world’s religions for the purpose of educating both the general public and academic specialists.

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