International Conference

on Religion and

the Holocaust

Religious and/or Holocaust specialists, as well as researchers, professors, graduate students, and other scholars are encouraged to submit abstract proposals (200-500 words) to present at this year’s International Holocaust and Religion academic conference. All research presentations will then be published in an upcoming supplemental issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM). Presenters can also feature and promote their own publications during the conference for free!

GCRR Press is planning to release a full-length book devoted entirely to the study of physics and its implications for the hypothesis that Jesus of Nazareth rose bodily from the dead.

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Call for


Violence in



GCRR is currently seeking written or visual submissions to be anthologized in a bound publication dedicated to the theme of violence in art (or perhaps the absence of violence in art). We welcome both industry leaders and scholars from the disciplines of art, humanities, design, technology, and education to submit abstracts of their essay that will make a unique contribution to the academic study of violence and art. Abstracts or Proposals are due March 1, 2020.

Call for Submissions: Jewish Perspectives on the New Testament Gospel of John

The purpose of the topic will be to pose and then answer common questions Jews might have about the Gospel of John or John's sense of Jewish culture and beliefs, as well as present current or new research on the Fourth Gospel's depiction of and impact on the Jewish community (both in ancient and modern times).

please contact Dr. Darren Slade (dslade@gcrr.org) for further details

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