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Religious Trauma Studies

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24 Lectures (Approx. 30 Hours!) **Special $50 Discount Applied** View presentations from global specialists, psychiatrists, and researchers who discuss the causes, manifestations and treatment options for those afflicted with the often adverse and disruptive effects of religious trauma. Outcomes: 1. Learn the effects of shame, perceived failure, and self-criticism. 2. Learn how religious trauma affects the nervous system. 3. Learn about developmental religious trauma. 4. Learn about EMDR and entheogenic therapies in treating religious trauma. 5. Learn to employ best therapeutic techniques in supporting patients suffering from religious trauma. Lectures: 1. "How Religious Trauma Affects the Nervous System and Body" (Elizabeth Wilson, LPC, LAC) 2. "A Twisting of the Sacred: The Lived Experience of Religious Abuse" (Paula Swindle, PhD & Craig Cashwell, PhD) 3. "Power and Control Dynamics" (Gill Harvey, PhD) 4. "Religious Abuse and the Trauma of Perceived Spiritual Failure" (Janyne McConnaughey, PhD) 5. "Faith, Doubt, and Gatekeeper Trauma" (Brian D. McLaren) 6. "Developmental Religious Trauma"(Gill Harvey, PhD) 7. "Bereavement and Bad Theology: A Toxic Cocktail" (Teri Daniel, DMin, CT, CCTP) 8. "Religious Shame, Self-Criticism, and Mitigating Effects of Self-Compassion" (Mark Karris, LMFT, PsyD) 9. "The Effectiveness of Using EMDR in Trauma Treatment" (Arielle Sokoll-Ward, LCSW) 10. "Entheogenic Therapies for Religious Trauma and Disaffiliation" (Kelby Bibler) PLUS MUCH MORE!

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Religious Trauma Studies

Religious Trauma Studies

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