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Does God Exist? Intro. to Philosophy of Religion

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4 Lectures (2 hours each) **Special $50 Discount Applied** Join Dr. Raphael Lataster on a 10-hour lecture series that explores the most paramount question in the philosophy of religion: Does God Exist? Students will learn to apply the rules of reason and argumentation to one of humanity’s hotly-debated questions in a fun and provocative way. Course Outcomes: 1. Learn how to determine if God exists or not, and how to handle miraculous claims. 2. Learn about the best arguments for God’s existence. 3. Learn about the best arguments for naturalism. 4. Learn about the many alternatives to theism and naturalism. 5. Determine whether theism is at least more probable than naturalism while also considering alternatives conclusions. Course Lectures: 1. How to Decide 2. Arguments for God 3. Arguments for Naturalism 4. Exposing the False Dichotomy 5. Decision Time Course Instructor: Raphael Lataster holds a PhD (Studies in Religion) from the University of Sydney. His main research interests include Philosophy of Religion, Christian origins, alternative god-concepts such as pantheism and pandeism, and politics. His doctoral work tackled the issue of God’s existence and his masters’ work focussed on the controversial question over Jesus’ historical existence. Both have results in academic monographs, though he has also published numerous academic articles and articles for the general public, as well. He enjoys discussing and considering different religious and political points of view.

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