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Global Center for Religious Research

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) serves as an academic society, educational provider, publisher, and professional development society comprised of the world’s leading scholars on religion. We provide financial and professional support for scholars across the world to advance global research on religious institutions and cultures. As an international organization, our membership constitutes mostly academic students and professional scholars who currently (or will in the future) research and teach on religion.

Our members publish the latest scientific, historical, and philosophical work on religion in our not-for-profit, peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM), including research studies in the fields of sociology, psychology, anthropology, historiography, and philosophy. The Global Center for Religious Research also publishes larger manuscripts in book form through our academic imprint, GCRR Press.

Moreover, we host regional and national academic conferences where scholars can convene to share and collaborate on groundbreaking research that has real-world transformational impact on the academic study of religion. We also offer academic certificate programs, research and peer-review services, and online trainings to educate researchers and the general public alike.

Our main goal is the promotion of social-scientific studies on religion, as well as the formation and preservation of professional standards in religious research, the distribution of affordable educational programs, and the support of religious researchers around the globe.

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Mission & Purpose

The mission of GCRR is to make unique and significant contributions to the scientific, historical, and philosophical study of the world’s religions for the purpose of educating both the general public and academic specialists.


GCRR has numerous scholastic goals related to conducting and disseminating academic research on religion, including (but not limited to):

  1. The promotion of empirical and verifiable scientific studies on religion;

  2. The application of multiple fields of research into the origins, evolution, and trajectory of different religious traditions;

  3. The formation and preservation of professional standards in religious research;

  4. The publication of peer-reviewed academic literature on religion;

  5. The delivery of accurate and impartial research on religious organizations, beliefs, and rituals;

  6. The distribution of affordable educational programs that are open to the public in the form of textbooks, journal articles, lectures, trainings, certifications, and conferences;

  7. The financial and collegial support of religious researchers around the globe;

  8. The awarding of grants, scholarships, and academic honors for excellence in research;

  9. The professional development of religious academics;

  10. The creation and continuation of religious studies departments in colleges and universities across the world;

  11. The coordination of global information on religious trends;

  12. The correction of misleading and erroneous information about religious groups;

  13. The partnership of multiple academic societies and professional organizations to advance cultural interest in the scientific and philosophical study of religion;

  14. The endorsement of other academic institutions;

  15. The comprehension and deterrence of religious extremism;

  16. The collaboration of law enforcement and other intelligence agencies in curtailing religious violence and cults of personality.

Benefits of Membership

  • Priority Peer-Review and Publishing in SHERM Journal

  • Priority Peer-Review and Publishing in GCRR Press Books

  • Priority Peer-Review and Publishing Conference Papers/Presentations

  • Free Digital Subscription to SHERM Academic Journal

  • Eligible for “Resident Scholar” Position

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  • Eligible for GCRR Awards and Grants

  • Free Attendance at GCRR Sponsored Webinars

  • Free Access to Professional Development Training Videos

  • Free Access to the Scholars Forum

  • Network with Other Scholars and Researchers