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On Freedom from God(s)

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Embark on a riveting intellectual journey with Liberatheism: On Freedom from God(s), as anthropologist Dr. David Eller concludes his groundbreaking trilogy on atheism, envisioning a future liberated from the age-old debates about the existence of deities. Dispelling misconceptions about atheism, Dr. Eller navigates belief, faith, and anti-theism, urging a reasoned challenge to the melodrama surrounding atheism. With a fearless critique, Eller explores the broader impact of religion, unveiling psychological trauma and advocating for the liberation of philosophy from its Christian-centric shackles.

This book is more than a philosophical discourse—it’s a call to action. Offering practical guidance, the author explores the many varieties of atheism, dispels stereotypes, and provides strategies for a thoughtful shift from theism to atheism. Liberatheism is more than a challenge to religious norms; it's a manifesto for living beyond a belief in god(s). Eller invites readers to accelerate toward a deity-free existence, embracing a future where discussions about god(s) are irrelevant in the pursuit of true freedom. Engaging and enlightening, this book is a concise tour de force in the evolution of atheistic thought—a must-read that will leave you questioning, reflecting, and yearning for a world unbound by the constraints of the divine.

About the Author

David Eller (PhD) is a cultural anthropologist and Director of Global Anthropology of Religion for the Global Center for Religious Research. He has conducted fieldwork on religion and religious change among Australian Aboriginals, and his current areas of specialization include ethnic/religious violence, atheism/secularism, and psychological anthropology. Dr. Eller is the author of more than a dozen books, including Introducing Anthropology of Religion and Cruel Creeds, Virtuous Violence: Religious Violence across Culture and History, and is editor of The Anthropology of Donald Trump.


“If we were to use one word to describe what we know about religions, that word would be diversity. Dr. Eller’s work forces us to acknowledge the cultural and relativistic nature of religion. As such, if atheist philosophers and students want to truly understand the end of the philosophy of religion, they must read his work. Liberatheism will help lead us into an era where gods and goddesses can be ignored, along with their caretakers and spokespersons.”

‒John W. Loftus,

author of God and Horrendous Suffering

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