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Violence in Art (2nd Edition)

Essays in Aesthetics and Philosophy

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ART / Criticism & Theory

ART / History / General

ART / Art & Politics

In celebration of both academics and artists, this volume anthologizes essays and depictions dedicated to the theme of violence in art. Introducing industry leaders and scholars from the disciplines of art, humanities, and education, these essays make a unique contribution to the aesthetic and philosophical study of violence, with commentary accompanying several never-before-seen images. This collection spotlights both all-new artists and visionary illustrators who specialize in violence and horror.

About the Author

Dr. Darren M. Slade is President of the Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR), Adjunct Professor of Humanities at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and is Director of the North American Committee on Religious Trauma Research. His other academic publications include investigations into Islamic history, church history, ancient Near-Eastern hermeneutics, and the philosophy of ethics. You can learn more about Dr. Slade and his work at:

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