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What we offer: • Fair and friendly proposal review. • Paperback and eBook formats. • Promotion and distribution to libraries and scholars worldwide through our international network of booksellers and distributors. • A guarantee to be always in stock with our unique print-on-demand global distribution system. • Dedicated support from our editorial and publications team. • Initial complimentary PDF and paperback copies. • Discoverable by the worldwide academic community and permanently indexed with a unique DOI number. • Competitive retail pricing to encourage sales. • No up-front inventory order required.

If for any reason you are unable to submit your proposal online through the form below, please send your proposal message and attachment to the following email address:

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GCRR and SHERM Journal are accepting submission proposals for the following fields of study:​

  • Religious History

  • Historical Theology

  • Historical Jesus

  • Psychology of Religion

  • Sociology of Religion

  • Anthropology of Religion

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Religious Trends and Demographics

  • Issues in Contemporary Theology

  • Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary Christian Literature

  • Patristic, Medieval, and Contemporary Exegesis

  • Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Writings

  • Ancient Israelite Religion and Second Temple Judaism

  • History and Literature of Contemporary Judaism

  • Hebrew Bible

  • New Testament

  • Textual Criticism

  • Islamic Studies

  • Mormon Studies

  • Native American Religion

  • Hinduism, Buddhism, and Other World Religions

  • Historical and Contemporary Religious Revivals and Sects

  • New Religious Movements (Cults)

  • Religious Violence

  • Religious Liberty

  • Freedom from Religion

  • General Religious Studies

Ministry Research:

  • Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary Ministry Practices

  • Experimental Faith Communities

  • Ecclesiastical Trends and Issues

  • Economic, Political, Social, and Ecological Issues in Ministry

  • Ethical, Racial, Sexual, and Gender Issues in Ministry

  • Case Studies / Case Reports


*Please read the GCRR Terms and Conditions before submitting a proposal. Submitting a proposal of any kind to GCRR, SHERM Journal, or Inara Publishing constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the GCRR Terms and Conditions.

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