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Certification Courses

Want to teach your own course and receive royalty payments for life?
Be an Adjunct Professor for GCRR and teach your favorite courses online!

Benefits and Compensation


Course Guidelines

  • Candidates must download and read the job description form above.

  • Candidates must have a PhD in a field related to the subject matter about which they will teach.

  • Selected candidates will be allowed to create their very own 10-16-hour lecture course that should be focused on ensuring students graduate from the course with an official certification in the subject matter. (A brief outline of the lecture topics and references used will be peer-reviewed to ensure our students receive the best education possible.)

  • Professors must use multimedia visual graphics while teaching the course online, such as PowerPoint slides, video or audio clips, virtual handouts, etc. This will make for a more stimulating and engaging experience for students and professors alike! (Of course, all material must avoid copyright infringement.)

  • As GCRR is purely an academic institution promoting a social-scientific study of religion, professors are discouraged from attempting to proselytize, aiming neither to convert nor de-convert students to or from any particular worldview.

  • Professors must hold live lectures via Zoom (or some other video conference platform) for their very first time teaching each course, which will be recorded simultaneously. After the first live course is completed, professors have the option of continuing to teach their course live for future semesters or simply utilize the recorded classroom content from that point forward.

  • Professors are encouraged to dress professionally and utilize a professional background setting. Please do not use a virtual background unless a green screen is employed.

  • Courses should be a total of 10-16 hours in length. However, GCRR seeks to provide maximum flexibility to professors and students alike! If an instructor wishes to hold four 3-hour lectures over the course of one month, or eight 2-hour lectures over the course of 8 weeks, that is entirely up to them! The only requirement is that there be at least 1 lecture per week. The day and time is at each professor's discretion! Students can either attend the live session or the recorded session at their leisure.

  • Professors must provide a final exam for students wanting to receive a course certification consisting of anywhere from 30-50 multiple choice questions. For students to be certified, they must pass with at least 80% accuracy. One retake is permissible if students do not pass the first exam.

  • Candidates must fill out the application form below.

Apply to be an Adjunct Professor

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