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Certification Courses

Let's be honest:

Higher education can be a total racket!
You spend thousands of dollars on classes you don't want to take just so you can sink into debt, stress over homework, and do nothing with your degree. The GCRR Certification Course Program wants to provide an alternative option for life-long learners.

We are an online, virtual classroom that makes it possible for you to attend college-level courses right from the comfort and safety of your own home. You will learn from leading global scholars on a variety of topics in the field of religious studies and then receive an official GCRR Certification to add to your CV or resume.

Unlike other learning platforms where you just watch a talking head speak into a camera, our course lecturers make the experience entertaining and memorable with multimedia tools and engaging content. And the best part is that you walk away with an official certification to show you are trained and proficient in the subject matter.

Indeed, our certifications are designed for you to acquire a liberal arts education from international scholars without paying thousands of dollars in tuition and subscription fees. As more of our Adjunct Professors continue to create their classes, the more variety and specialized topics will be available for you to experience.

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Student Testimonial

How was the Religious Trauma Certification Course?

  • What is the GCRR Certificate Program?
    The GCRR Certificate Program is a learning platform that makes it possible for anyone to attend college-level courses taught by some of the world’s best scholars. And the best part is you will receive an official academic certification once you finish each course.
  • What makes GCRR different from others?
    Our official certificates! With other learning platforms, you're stuck listening to very dry, very wooden talking heads. And that's it. You may or may not learn something, but you walk away with nothing. With our Certification Program, you get to listen to credentialed scholars who not only provide multimedia graphics for your entertainment, but they also provide you with the knowledge necessary to complete the course and then receive your certification.
  • How much do the courses cost?
    Most of our courses cost $120. That's it! No hidden fees or agendas. There's only a couple exceptions to this rule, such as the Religious Trauma Studies costing $249. You should also know that all profits made from the sell of these courses goes toward funding the academic study of religion around the world.
  • What's included with each course?
    A lot, actually! When you purchase a certification course, you will receive the following: 1) Full access to all the live or pre-recorded lectures. 2) Free access to a GCRR Academic Conference of your choice ( 3) Free email delivery of your official GCRR Certificate (once all tests are passed).
  • Is this worth the cost?
    Absolutely! Most certification courses are at least 10 hours in length or more. At only $140 per 10-hour course, you're paying only $14 an hour to learn from a scholar in your field of study. Plus you receive free access to any past GCRR Academic Conference and an official certification at the end of your class!
  • Do I qualify for the certification courses?
    Yes! These certification programs are open to anyone willing to attend the lectures and learn the material.
  • How do I earn and then receive the certification?
    Easy! Just follow the steps below: 1) Attend all of the live or pre-recorded lectures embedded in your course. 2) Take good notes of the lectures and ask good questions if attending live. 3) Receive an 85% or higher on each lecture's quiz or the final exam. (Note: Each certification course will have either a weekly quiz or a final exam, but not both. All tests are multiple choice.) 4) We will email you the official certification once the course lectures and quizes or final exam are complete. 5) With your permission, we will also list you on the GCRR website as having received an official certification in your field of study.
  • Can I receive a paper certificate in the mail?
    Yes! Except is costs a little extra for us to have it printed and shipped to you directly. The price will vary depending on where you live in the world. So, if you're interested in having a print copy of your certificate, just send us an email requesting a price quote:
  • Am I required to obtain a certificate?
    Ummmm.... I guess not, but you're missing a great opportunity. If tests really freak you out (or you just have no interest in obtaining a certificate), then sign up for the course and let us know by email:
  • What are the tests like?
    The certification tests are just the most convenient way for us to assess your proficiency in the subject of the course. Here are some additional details: 1) Each course will require answering between 30-50 multiple choice questions in order to obtain a certification. 2) Each course will have either a short quiz after each lecture or a fuller final exam at the very end of the entire course. 3) Students must receive an 85% or higher on the test in order to qualify for the certification. 4) For courses that have short quizes after each lecture, students cannot progress to the next lecture until each quiz is successfully passed. 5) Students who do not pass the first time will be given one re-take opportunity. 6) Some professors will provide a study guide for their students, but others will not. Be sure to take good notes.
  • How do I watch the lectures?
    For live courses, students will receive a URL link to watch the lectures. For pre-recorded courses, each lecture's video will be embedded into each program's individual steps.
  • Can I cancel and receive a refund?
    Unfortunately, refunds are not possible at this time because of the nature of digital courses and the immediate access to dozens of downloadable publications (where applicable). Per our Terms and Conditions, all sales for digital products, including certification programs, are final. This is an industry-standard when it comes to purchasing digital content and online publications. However, we're happy to assist if something is wrong with the course itself. Keep in mind that you will have permanent access to the program and its material. If the course is not suitable for you right at this very moment, you can always return to it at a later date.
  • Are these certificate courses accredited?
    Not yet! But most certificate programs are not accredited because they're not college degrees. However, we are in the process of obtaining accredidation, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, rest assured that each course is taught by a credentialed doctoral scholar in the field.
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