New Book for Christians and Philosophers of Religion: "The Logic of Intersubjectivity"


My newest book has finally arrived! It's called, The Logic of Intersubjectivity. If you are a Christian and have been looking for a new way to practice your faith (or a way to explain the faith you're already practicing) that does not have the nasty association with people like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, televangelists, ultra-conservatives, white supremacists, or Donald Trump, then this is a must-read for you.

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To survey harsh criticisms against Brian Douglas McLaren (1956‒), readers gain the inaccurate impression that he is a heretical relativist who denies objective truth and logic. While McLaren’s inflammatory and provocative writing style is partly to blame, this study also suspects that his critics base much of their analyses on only small portions of his overall corpus. The result becomes a caricature of McLaren’s actual philosophy of religion. What is argued in this book is that McLaren’s philosophy of religion suggests a faith-based intersubjective relationship with the divine ought to result in an existential appropriation of Christ’s religio-ethical teachings. When subjectively internalized, this appropriation will lead to the assimilation of Jesus’ kingdom priorities, thereby transforming the believer’s identity into one that actualizes Jesus’ kingdom ideals. The hope of this book is that by tracing McLaren’s philosophy of Christian religion, future researchers will not only be able to comprehend (and perhaps empathize with) McLaren’s line of reasoning, but they will also possess a more nuanced discernment of where they agree and disagree with his overall rationale.

Endorsements & Reviews

“Just as the writings of Brian McLaren are provocative, so too is Darren Slade’s masterful, hermeneutical analysis of his work. In this comprehensive reading of McLaren’s literature, the reader gains access to the epistemological and existential synthesis that is the deep philosophical root of McLaren’s theology, demonstrating that there is indeed a there there! This is necessary reading for anyone who wishes to legitimately engage the religious philosophy of one of today’s most important public theologians.”

—Peter M. Antoci, Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and Dean, Southern Maryland Region, Diocese of Washington

“Studies of Brian McLaren’s work are littered with ideologically driven evaluations based on either intense dislike or strong affinity towards his views. In contrast, Darren Slade starts with the apparently radical notion that one should first seek simply to understand a person’s positions accurately before presuming either to critique or endorse them. By providing this thorough and unbiased analysis of McLaren’s underlying philosophy, Slade has thus done a great service for both friends and critics alike.”

—Michael Clawson, Co-founder and producer of the New Story Festival

“Brian McLaren is an enormously influential and important figure in modern religion. His collective work and theology deserve the kind of close attention that Dr. Slade provides in The Logic of Intersubjectivity. Scholars and practitioners alike will find much here that not only informs them about McLaren, but also outlines a framework for how others might approach theology in the same way.”

—Josh Packard, Executive Director, Springtide Research Institute

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