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We are a leading academic society and Publisher in global religious research.

  • Scholars Membership

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    For Professional Academics & Researchers!
    • Emeritus Membership

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      For Former Professionals & Researchers!
      • International Member

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        For Non-USA Professionals & Researchers!
        • Religious Leaders

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          For Religious Leaders of Any Tradition
          • Student Membership

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            For Any and All Students!
            • COVID-19 Price

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              For those affected by Coronavirus
              • All Certif. Programs

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                Annual Certification Subscription
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                • Subscribers can take an unlimited number of certif. courses.
                • Religious Trauma Certification
                • Philosophy of Religion
                • Judaic Studies
              • Lifetime Membership

                One-Time Payment for Life!
                • Free Virtual Conference Tickets for Life!
                • Free Access to All GCRR Videos
                • Free Digital Copies of SHERM Journal
              • Free Digital Access to SHERM Journal

              • 25% Off Academic Conference Tickets

              • 25% Off All Print & PDF Publications

              • 45% Off the Certification Course Subscription

              • Free Access to One Past Academic eConference Video Library

                • a different conference is selected each year

              • Free Copy of Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them

                • only pay for shipping

              • Free Access to the Scholars Forum

              • Eligible for “Resident Scholar” Position

              • Discounts on Publishing Books with GCRR Press / Inara Publishing

              • Priority Publishing in SHERM Journal

              • Eligible for GCRR Awards and Grant Funding

              • Network with Other Scholars and Researchers

              Members Receive 25% Off
              Print SHERM Journals and GCRR Press Paperbacks

              Due to the financial commitment GCRR must make to running the organization year-round, including funding research projects around the world, society membership fees and event tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. In order to support GCRR initiatives, endowment grants and awards, and institutional awards, all donations are also non-refundable.

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