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  1. The promotion of empirical and verifiable scientific studies on religion;

  2. The application of multiple fields of research into the origins, evolution, and trajectory of different religious traditions;

  3. The formation and preservation of professional standards in religious research;

  4. The publication of peer-reviewed academic literature on religion;

  5. The delivery of accurate and impartial research on religious organizations, beliefs, and rituals;

  6. The distribution of affordable educational programs that are open to the public in the form of textbooks, journal articles, lectures, trainings, certifications, and conferences;

  7. The financial and collegial support of religious researchers around the globe;

  8. The awarding of grants, scholarships, and academic honors for excellence in research;

  9. The professional development of religious academics;

  10. The creation and continuation of religious studies departments in colleges and universities across the world;

  11. The coordination of global information on religious trends;

  12. The correction of misleading and erroneous information about religious groups;

  13. The partnership of multiple academic societies and professional organizations to advance cultural interest in the scientific and philosophical study of religion;

  14. The endorsement of other academic institutions;

  15. The comprehension and deterrence of religious extremism;

  16. The collaboration of law enforcement and other intelligence agencies in curtailing religious violence and cults of personality.

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