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Rethinking Jesus

When the Walk Fails the Talk

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At the suggestion of a personal counselor, the author penned a review of the Judeo-Christian Bible in 2017. Research was undertaken at that time with the intention of uncovering biblical deception and scriptural incoherency. In conjunction with a fearless and exacting inventory of his life, Dennis Blue measured the promises of "God's Word" against the realities of his earthly existence. When he was completely honest with himself, it became apparent that a pattern of rationalization, dismissal and denial had been integral to his Christian walk. As the truth emerged, it became increasingly clear that the believer's willingness to elevate belief over reality was essential to experiencing a successful Christian life. Upon opening the eye of reason, an accurate worldview is restored.

Rethinking Jesus was written to inspire beleaguered Christians in a way that allows them to see their own truth and to embrace it wholeheartedly. In doing so, it may be possible for those dispirited souls to walk away from a faith that is founded on false premises and powerless promises. The book's design is meant to provide encouragement through confidence so as to allow readers to experience freedom from doubts and fears. It boldly reexamines the life of the self-appointed Messiah, bestowing a cognitive understanding of Jesus that is unbiased by contrived theologies. Rethinking Jesus challenges Christian indoctrination by employing the Bible's own words against itself.

About the Author

Dr. Dennis Blue is a retired family practice dentist. He received his doctoral degree from the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Blue currently resides in the foothills west of Denver, Colorado. He is an avid outdoorsman. Dennis has three sons who are all successful in their chosen professions.

Being born into a household that held to fundamentalist theology, Dennis was strongly encouraged by his parents to read, understand and memorize the Christian Bible. As he grew towards adulthood, he began to have significant doubts. The internal conflict that resulted from his religious doubt brought with it much emotional pain. Decades later, when the cognitive dissonance became unbearable, Dennis made the difficult and painful decision to abandon his faith. It was then that he began the arduous process of extricating himself the deep emotional and mental attachments of biblical indoctrination. Only then could he be free from the dogma that had taken away his peace of mind and clouded his view of reality.

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