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Calling all Knowledge Seekers and Inquisitive Minds

You've always wanted to learn more about religion, God, faith, and the Bible from a social-scientific perspective.

The History. The Philosophy. The Theology. The Cultural Impacts.

But the stipulations of higher-education has limited your ability to access the academic world and expand your horizons. 

Time. Expenses. Qualifications.

Not Anymore!
We're changing academia from the inside out.

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"Thanks to GCRR, I now have actual certifications in Biblical Studies and Religious Philosophy with no previous formal education in those fields."


Join LIVE or access ON-DEMAND

Accessible and Affordable


Only $140 per course - Open to the Public! 

Religious Studies


College-Level Certification Courses


Virtual Interactive eCourse available LIVE March 4-25th, 2022 or enroll for the

On-Demand, self-paced course anytime!

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Virtual eCourse available NOW

On-Demand, self-paced course anytime!

Nothing to hold you back! 

For anyone interested in Religious Studies, this official certification program is an ideal way to learn about relevant topics of intrigue and gain a qualified certification in the process

💡Learn YOUR way, about what YOU'RE interested in, and for your OWN innate purpose
💡NO Qualifications or Eligibility Requirements
💡NO textbooks, additional fees or subscriptions to purchase
💡Go from beginner to proficiently-adept in the Religious Studies of your choosing
💡Develop the knowledge and ability to confidently examine and discuss the intricacies of
      religion and theology

💡Earn an official GCRR Certification for course completion and add to your credentials and 

Let's be honest:

Higher education can be a total racket!

You spend thousands of dollars on classes you don't want to take just so you can sink into debt, stress over homework, and do nothing with your degree.


The GCRR Certification Course Program is an online, virtual classroom that makes it possible for life-long learners to attend college-level courses for a fraction of the cost and still earn a valuable credential.

You will learn from leading global scholars on an expanding assortment of topics in the field of Religious Studies.

Unlike other learning platforms where you end up stuck just watching a dry, wooden talking head speak into a camera, our credentialed doctoral course lecturers make the experience entertaining and memorable with multimedia tools and engaging content. ​


👇🏽👇🏽And the best part? 👇🏽👇🏽


You walk away with an official GCRR certification that you can add to your CV or resume to show you are trained and proficient in the subject matter!

Join our LIVE cohorts or opt for
on-demand access to the course content to consume at your own pace!

Gain the core high-level knowledge and skills in religion and theology to be prepared to navigate and dominate conversations with people both in your personal and professional spheres.

☙ Learn how to determine if God exists or not, and how to handle miraculous claims.

☙Learn about the best arguments for both God’s existence and naturalism.

☙Learn about the many alternatives to theism and naturalism.

☙Discuss the historical and cultural processes that gave rise to the Bible as we know it today.

☙ Identify key biblical stories and characters, and discuss their theological and cultural importance.

☙ Notice and analyze references to biblical tradition in our modern world (art, politics, pop culture, etc.)

Who is this for? 

  • All life-long learners who want to enhance their general knowledge in the field of Religious Studies


  • Christians interested in learning more about the theological and philosophical foundations of their faith

  • Aspiring spiritual leaders

  • Recent high school graduates interested in exploring higher-ed content without paying university prices

  • Anyone with a general interest in philosophy and theology and seeking to advance their capacity for discussing these topics with knowledge and authority

Stay in touch with GCRR to learn more about current and future offers!

Thanks for subscribing!

Meet our esteemed Professors and learn more about the current course offerings: 

All GCRR Certification Courses: 

  • are taught by a doctoral (PhD) level Professor

  • offer 10+ hours of college level lectures and academic content for a flat, affordable rate

  • provide stimulating and engaging multimedia content in addition to lecture videos

  • focus on the facts - professors do not seek to promote (convert or de-convert) any particular world view through their teachings, but rather provide an objective platform from which to explore their topics

  • include FREE access to one of our renowned international eConferences (past or future)

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Join Dr. Raphael Lataster on an 8-hour lecture series that explores the most paramount question in the philosophy of religion:


Does God Exist?


Students will learn to apply the rules of reason and argumentation to one of humanity’s hotly-debated questions in an entertaining and provocative way.

Dr. Lataster holds a PhD (Studies in Religion) from the University of Sydney. His main research interests include Philosophy of Religion, Christian origins, alternative god-concepts such as pantheism and pandeism, and politics.

His doctoral work tackled the issue of God’s existence and his Masters’ work focused on the controversial question over Jesus’ historical existence. Both have results in academic monographs, though he has also published numerous academic articles as well as articles for the general public. He enjoys discussing and considering different religious and political points of view.

Being passionate about education, Dr. Lataster makes every effort to engage with the public, through popular pieces, public lectures, and debates.

Join Dr. Lataster LIVE for an interactive eLearning experience March 4-25th, 2022

or access the full course on-demand and receive the certification when you finish at your own pace. 

We are the Global Center for Religious Research

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Leading academic society and publisher in global religious studies

Hi, I'm Dr. Darren Slade, President of the Global Center for Religious Research. The GCRR is a non-religiously affiliated academic society and publishing house that brings together the world’s leading scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for the academic study of religion.


As a scholastic society, “religion” is the object of our investigation, not the promotion or abolition of religious faith.


As an international organization, our membership consists of people from all over the world who seek the intellectual freedom to question and explore every aspect of religion itself, including its origins and manifestations.

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As a social-scientific society, our students and scholars are devoted to the scientific, philosophical, and historical study of humanity’s various religious belief systems. We engage in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of what people believe, how those beliefs have evolved over time, and why they continue to affect global systems today.

The truth of the matter is that academia, along with its academic societies and publishing practices, has turned into an industry that benefits only the few while greedily exploiting both academics and students. Because profit has become their primary motivation, colleges and universities have become an exclusive club of academic cliques and inner circles, rarely penetrated by the less privileged. This sad fact means that many academics either cannot afford or are never given the chance to publish or teach.


Both students and human knowledge suffer as a consequence.


GCRR wants to change the academic industry! We believe the academic study of religion can help answer questions and solve many global problems while enriching the lives of both educators and students.


We encourage students and professionals from all backgrounds and traditions to join us in the intellectual fight against misinformation and profit-driven agendas. For our part, GCRR has created multiple avenues for scholars to publish their research and for students to access that research.

GCRR is adamantly not profit-driven or agenda-driven.

We are education-driven.

Both our motivation and passion is focused on knowledge. As such, GCRR is neither religious nor confessional in its pursuit of that knowledge, and we do not promote or endorse any specific religion, political body, or (anti-)religious agenda.

GCRR has two main values:

1) A scholarly focus on promoting the academic researchers who sacrifice so much of themselves to increase our knowledge of the human condition


2) Making that knowledge easily accessible and affordable to people all over the world.

GCRR believes that academic knowledge and impactful topics ought to be easily accessible to the general public

GCRR’s main goal is the promotion of academic studies on religion, as well as the formation and preservation of professional standards in religious research, the distribution of affordable educational programs, and the support of religious researchers around the globe.

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