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Here is the
fine print

  • Other publishing houses will charge at least $2.50 per page in typesetting fees.

  • GCRR charges only $2.25 (at most) per typeset page. However, some publishing plans have a lower typesetting fee.

  • Other publishing houses will charge anywhere between $5 to $7.50 (minimum) for every 250 words in copyediting fees.

  • GCRR charges only $6.50 per page. (No word counting from us!) However, some publishing plans have a lower copyediting fee.

  • Other publishing houses will only give authors 6-8% (on average) for the first 1,000 copies sold.

  • Depending on your publishing plan, GCRR authors will receive up to 20% of the net profit of each book sold.

  • Compensation and royalties can take anywhere between 90 to 120 days after each book sale.

  • In cases of multi-author books or anthologies, the author royalty will be delivered to the primary author of the work, who will then need to distribute the royalties to the other authors/contributors per their own contract.

  • What is the $49 service fee for?
    The service fee is to cover the cost of creating or obtaining things like ISBN and DOI numbers, book cover designs, promoting and listing your book through GCRR networks, building a separate webpage for your book, and listing your book on the international distribution retailers/trade markets.

  • What does GCRR do with the dividends from your book?
    We use the money for our own overhead and administrative costs, such as paying qualified peer-reviewers in your specific field of study, as well as to help fund scientific research projects around the world.

  • Because GCRR cannot guarantee book sales, we encourage authors to promote their work to as many networks and contacts as they can. We will do our part and help promote each book within our network, as well.

  • GCRR uses an ever-expanding network of retail and trade distributors to promote and disseminate your work, which means your book will be featured online and in stores all over the world.

    here to see our list of distribution partners where your book is made available for purchase, but GCRR cannot guarantee that everyone on the list of retailers, libraries, or schools will order your book.

  • "Overhead costs" for online and in-store purchases include the cost of printing, handling, packaging, shipping, distributing, warehousing, promoting, and other retailer-related taxes and services.

  • "eBooks" include handheld reading devices, such as Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBook, as well as GCRR digital copies of the book.

  • Authors are not required to pay for professional copyediting work through GCRR, though we highly encourage authors to have a professional editor review the book before submitting to us.

  • All manuscripts will be charged the one-time service fee and a typesetting fee. Prices will vary depending on the author's publishing plan and GCRR Academic Society membership status.

  • If during the typesetting process, members of GCRR discover that your book manuscript still requires substantial professional copyediting before publication, then GCRR will charge a typesetting/copyediting fee depending on your publishing plan.

  • A "typeset page" is any page that was formatted and typeset for the final publication product, including (but not limited to) the title page, copyright page, bibliography, appendices, and index.

  • Once a book proposal has been accepted, GCRR will send an official contract to the primary author to sign.

  • Once the contract has been signed, authors will be required to pay an up-front fee (approximately 50% of the estimated cost of typesetting/editing the book plus the service fee). This up-front fee will be required before any work is done on the book and is non-refundable even if the primary author chooses to withdraw from the contract.

  • Authors will be charged the rest of the typesetting/editing fee once the book is ready for publication.

  • Books will not be published or available for purchase until authors pay the remaining typesetting/editing balance.

  • The time it takes to typeset/edit each book will be determined on a case-by-case basis per contractual obligations.

  • Be aware that it can take upwards of 8 weeks for your book to be fully listed and available for distribution once the book has been published.


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