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Biblical Patriotism

An Evangelical Alternative to Nationalism

Biblical Patriotism
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In the Deep South of the United States, there has been a strong respect placed on the value of God and country, and this was always seen as a virtue. However, over the past few years, a healthy view of patriotism has blurred with concepts of nationalism. In a deeply divided nation, how should the Christian church view patriotism? These are weighty questions that need to be answered from a biblically evangelical perspective.

This book seeks to take a comprehensive look at the topic by examining how the Bible frames patriotic duty as a proper alternative to both nationalism and cosmopolitanism. Both are misguided as nationalism seeks to exalt one's country against others while cosmopolitanism seeks to ignore divinely-ordained boundaries. This book also investigates how American history has framed the popular discourse about patriotism, which has resulted in both American unity and division.

Biblical concepts such as loyalty in friendships, family, and land will be considered as a way to make sense of the nature of healthy patriotism. Approaching the subject with the Apostle Paul in mind, who was himself a dual-citizen in his own day, this book then explores the concept of patriotism with a discussion of two contemporary moral issues: the role of the flag in the church and the prevalence of patriotic liturgy.

About the Author

Dr. Adam Wyatt received his PhD in Biblical Theology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Kansas City, MO) in 2021. A second-generation Southern Baptist pastor, he currently serves as the senior pastor of Corinth Baptist Church in Magee, Mississippi. He has a heart for church revitalization and has served in various denominational roles within the Southern Baptist Convention.


"Adam Wyatt is a leader of courage and conviction. The issues he raises in this book are important in every era, maybe especially in this one. We would do well to consider attentively the arguments and proposals he examines in this book.”

‒Russell Moore

Public Theologian at Christianity Today and 

Director of Christianity Today’s Public Theology Project

“It is impossible to avoid the ongoing conversations around Christian nationalism, patriotism, and the parameters of societal protest. Throughout this timely book, Wyatt diagnoses key features of these themes while offering critical but helpful analysis. In the end, Wyatt proposes a biblical antidote that is structurally sound and practically informed. His proposal should gain a wide reading.”

‒Justin L. McLendon, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology at Grand Canyon Theological Seminary

“Do we weep while singing the national anthem and sit stone-faced while singing Amazing Grace? Have we confused our national pride with our Christian convictions?  Dr. Wyatt addresses these issues with scholarly precision and pastoral passion. Profound implications! Profound timing!”

‒Dr. Brett Golson, 

Vice President for Spiritual Development and Church Relations and Dean, 

Cooper School of Missions and Ministry Studies - William Carey

Biblical Patriotism is an excellent resource for the conservative evangelical community in particular. A respectable piece of scholarship; its theme is quite timely.”

‒Rev. Peter M. Antoci, PhD 

Rector, St. Thomas Parish, Croom

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