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Summary of Benefits

  • GCRR authors receive up to 20% in royalties from the total net profit for each book sold*

  • Other publishing houses will only give authors 6-10% (on average) for the first 1,000 copies sold.

  • Books are published in both printed paperback and ebook formats*

  • Books are distributed internationally to more than 40,000 online and in-store outlets like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble*

  • Printed paperbacks are usually 6"x9" in size

  • Free promotion of your book

  • Expanded Advertising package available for $90 that involves circulating information about your book to 7,000 top U.S. booksellers and librarians, as well as to over 27,000 international and domestic customers.

  • Competitively low publishing fees (if applicable)

  • Authors receive a free copy of the book once published

  • Authors can purchase copies of their own work directly from GCRR at 50% of the listed price

  • We have printing sites all over the world to ensure your book is printed and delivered quickly

  • You receive the ISBN, cover design and the professional formatting of your work at no cost

  • You remain the copyright holder

Does GCRR Press Only Publish Religious Material?

No. While the GCRR Academic Society specializes in religious research and publications, GCRR Press is committed to publishing high-quality academic work from multiple fields of study. Simply submit your book proposal and our Editorial Publishing Team will let you know if it is appropriate for our printing presses.

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Summary of Author Royalties

GCRR believes in being up front and fully transparent about our costs and benefits.

Below are approximate figures for a standard black and white book (color prints cost a little extra). These figures may not reflect actual costs and royalties for individual books.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

200-Page Paperback or eBook

Author 20% Royalty


GCRR Dividend*

Overhead Costs*

Book Cost




Image by Chris Lawton

300-Page Paperback or eBook

Author 20% Royalty


GCRR Dividend*

Overhead Costs*

Book Cost