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Summary of Benefits

  • GCRR authors receive up to 20% in royalties from the total net profit for each book sold.*

    • Other publishing houses will only give authors 6-10% (on average) for the first 1,000 copies sold.

  • Books are published in both printed paperback and ebook formats.*

  • Books are distributed internationally to more than 40,000 online and in-store outlets like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble.*

  • Printed paperbacks are usually 6"x9" in size.

  • Authors receive free promotion and marketing of your book.

    • ​Each book receives multiple homepage features across the internet with links to purchase the book at different retailers.

    • Each book is also featured in different email, blog, and social media campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands followers. Our targeted email lists help ensure that the people most likely to read your book will hear about your book.

    • GCRR Press will also post a Call for Reviewers announcement for all academic publications to acquire a professional review of the book, which would then be published in SHERM Journal and potentially elsewhere.