New Book Publication: "The Folly Bible: How Scriptural Truth Killed My Faith" by Raul Casso

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That Their Words May be Used Against Them

A new 2020 book publication by Raul Casso (from Palmetto Publishing) seeks to demonstrate just how the Bible could not possibly have a divine origin. And it seeks to prove this by using the Bible's own words against itself.

The Folly Bible establishes the disruptive thesis that the Bible is man-made by way of a critical analysis of the Bible's own content, in a shooting-itself-in-the-foot sort of way. The first part of the book consists of a critical study of what might be the three

most famous messianic, Old Testament prophecies in the Christian Bible: Daniel

9:25-29; Isaiah's Virgin; and Psalm 22. By carefully comparing the English

translations of these scriptures with their underlying Hebrew texts, the book demonstrates a discernible editorial seam in each of them that exposes the machinations of men, who long ago altered the Hebrew text to make the Christian Bible say what they wanted people to believe. What may be said of the men who participated in

this massive deception, however, is that they worked with diligence and, remarkably, used the same modus operandi in manipulating carefully selected

texts that lent themselves to the method that worked so well for them.

The second part of The Folly Bible compares the Gospels and exposes irreconcilable inconsistencies in the telling of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Just as the messianic prophecies editorial seam betrays the man-made origins of the Old Testament, so the inconsistencies between the Gospels’ telling of the timeless episodes in the life of Christ betrays the earthly origins of these magnificent stories about an incarnate God-man.

About the Author

A lawyer by profession, Raul Casso was also a serious Bible student for over twenty

years. Those combined experiences led to his cross-examination of the Bible where he placed the Bible on the witness stand and discovered for himself that it is thoroughly impeached by its own, irreconcilable, inconsistent statements.

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