Introducing Springtide Research Institute!

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is now officially partnering with and following the sociological research of Springtide Research Institute as they explore the inner and outer lives of young people ages 13-25. What's incredible is that Springtide is listening to the ways young people experience and express community, identity, and meaning both within and outside traditional religious institutions.

"We’re here to turn the tide!"

The inaugural report from Springtide, Belonging: Reconnecting America’s Loneliest Generation, releases on March 30, 2020. Their sociological study reveals epidemic levels of isolation among young people and why participation, even within religious communities, does not equate to belonging for younger generations. Their #Belonging report explores the landscape of loneliness and how we can build belonging.

Springtide combines quantitative and qualitative research to reflect and amplify the lived realities of young people as they navigate shifting social, cultural, and religious landscapes. Delivering fresh data and actionable insights, they equip those who care about young people to care better. They then apply that research to better understand how young people are making sense of their world, how they are seeking to identify in communities of connection, reconciling (or not) the unresolved discrepancies they experience, constructing identity, and pursuing and perceiving the sacred, spiritual, or divine impulses in their lives.

Custom Sociological Research Available

Springtide is staffed by seasoned, professional researchers led by GCRR Board of Director, Dr. Josh Packard.

Their research firm can craft a customized  program evaluation, survey, needs assessment, or other research just for you and your organization.

Their expertise lies in combining the best of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Allow them to partner with you to design, research, and discover insights that will deliver for your organization and the young people you serve.

Contact them to talk about how they can  get you the data and insights you need to make a difference.

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