SHERM Vol. 2, No. 1 Now Available!

The Global Center for Religious Research is excited to announce the release of our latest issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM). As a not-for-profit publication, SHERM publishes the latest social-scientific, historiographic, and ecclesiastic research on religious institutions and their ministerial practices. The journal is dedicated to the critical and scholarly inquiry of historical and contemporary religious phenomena, both from within particular religious traditions and across cultural boundaries, so as to inform the broader socio-historical analysis of religion and its related fields of study.

You can read each publication of SHERM for free online or purchase a print copy at a substantial discount!
Table of Contents


1) What is the Socio-Historical Method in the Study of Religion?

               By Darren M. Slade (pp. 1-15)

2) Essays Introducing a Jewish Perspective on the Gospel of John

               By Charles David Isbell (pp. 17-26)


3) Craig on the Resurrection: A Defense

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 28-35)

4) The Implausibility and Low Explanatory Power of the Resurrection Hypothesis—With a Rejoinder to Stephen T. Davis

By Robert Greg Cavin & Carlos A. Colombetti (pp. 37-94)


5) Imagined as us-American: Patriotic Music, Religion, and Violence Post-9/11

               By David Kwon (pp. 96-120)

6) Identifying the Conflict between Religion and Science

               By David Kyle Johnson (pp. 122-48)

7) Agnomancy: Conjuring Ignorance, Sustaining Belief

               By Jack David Eller (pp. 150-80)


The authors were asked to answer the following question:

“Can or should faith (specifically, religious faith) be considered an epistemology? If yes, what makes faith an epistemological method? If no, what epistemological methods preclude faith from being considered?”

8) Is Faith a Path to Knowledge?

               By Evan Fales (pp. 182-205)

9) Faith and Epistemology: Religious Truth Claims and Epistemic Warrant

By Julius Gurney III (pp. 207-16)


10) Judaism and Evolutionary Astrology: Insights from a Jewish Astrologer

               By Elisa Robyn (pp. 218-26)


11) The Case Against Miracles, Edited by John W. Loftus

By Gregory Michna (pp. 228-34)

To purchase a print copy of Vol. 2, No. 1, click here!

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