Logos 9 Just Launched and It's the Best Program for Church and Synagogue Leaders!!!

Quite honestly, Logos 9 is the perfect tool for pastors, rabbis, preachers, church leaders, synagogue leaders, and religious specialists of any denomination or tradition. It cuts out all the busywork and frustration by digitizing your library and automating your sermon preparation. And because the Global Center for Religious Research is an official Logos partner, we can offer you 15% off a logos 9 base package plus 5 free additional books to add to your library!

What's incredible about Logos 9 is that you can search any biblical passage or sermon topic and instantly retrieve everything needed to create the perfect Bible/Torah study or sermon.

The Best Program for Religious Specialists

To begin, every base package of Logos 9 includes a built-in digital library of some of the most top-rated commentaries and reference work to have ever been published. And on top of this collection, each base package also includes sermon illustrations, quotes, and other preaching resources to help faith leaders instruct their congregation.

One of the newest features is the revamped "Factbook" tool, which allows you to have a quick snapshot overview of any topic with built-in links to bring up resources for a deeper dive into the subject matter. Now, through Logos 9, the Factbook tool covers far more content, including counseling, theological terms, manuscripts, textual lemmas, and a ton more!

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Sermon Prep for Rabbis and Pastors

Another feature of Logos 9 is its word processor designed specifically for writing and delivering your sermons. Once you’re done writing your sermon or outline, just tap “Preach,” and your sermon is instantly transformed into an easy-to-read format with your slides clearly in view. There’s even a built-in timer to help you keep track of time. You can also store all of your past sermons so that you can access your own insights. Your old sermons will even show up in Passage Guide results!

There's also a Sermon Manager tool that helps you plan ahead by mapping out an entire year’s worth of sermons, accounting for holidays, your church or synagogue's calendar, and even school breaks.

Pastoral Counseling

With Logos 9, you can be prepared for every challenging conversation with your church or synagogue congregants. Search any topic—like depression, suicide, doubt, or conflict—and Logos 9 will give you quick access to its built-in collection of authoritative counseling resources and tools.

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Personal Review

As a biblical scholar and professor of world religions, I have devoutly utilized the Logos Bible Software program for over 10 years! In fact, my personal Logos library now exceeds over 8,900 books, academic journals, and resources that have helped me become the scholar that I am today. But with the launch of Logos 9, everything that I love about Logos has improved dramatically!

What I especially love about Logos 9 is its practicality enhancements with tools that make studying the Bible (both professionally and personally) far more simple. It takes all the complications, time, and frustration out of doing research. Indeed, Logos 9 is like having a personal research assistant and research scholar do all the work for you so you can get the information you need quickly and easily. The upgraded sermon builder is especially important for rabbis and pastors. Particularly useful is the "Sermon Info" feature that helps you keep organized and even automatically creates PowerPoint or Keynote slides and a sermon outline for you.

In a word, Logos 9 is truly amazing! I highly recommend checking it out and getting yourself a copy of the world's #1 Bible study program.

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