Call for Submissions: Violence in Art Book

GCRR is currently seeking written or visual submissions to be anthologized in a bound publication dedicated to the theme of violence in art (or perhaps the absence of violence in art). We welcome both industry leaders and scholars from the disciplines of art, humanities, design, technology, and education to submit abstracts of their essay that will make a unique contribution to the academic study of violence and art. Abstracts or Proposals are due March 1, 2020. Submissions should be sent to

Final scholarly submissions should be approximately 3000 words, or 500 words and mixed media, that address one of the following:

  • Animation + Game Art

  • Violence in animation and video games: ethics, norms, and limits.

  • Fashion

  • Uniforms of violence, past, and present

  • Fine Arts

  • Art + Museum Education

  • Displaying and teaching violence + propaganda.

  • Illustration

  • Violence and the obscuring of violence in literature + film.

  • Interior Design

  • The architecture of violence from the Inquisition, to concentration camps, and contemporary prison architecture.

  • Graphic Design

  • Propaganda supporting violence in culture | public relations against violence.

  • Art History

  • Violence in art across time and cultures.

  • Communication + Critical Thinking

  • Violence in rhetoric and propaganda.

  • Humanities

  • Violence as depicted in history

  • Social + Behavioral Sciences

  • Violence within anthropology, economics, psychology, and sociology.

  • Photography

  • Photographing violence, ethics, history, and responsibility.

~ ~ ~

Final submissions should be formatted in the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition). We encourage:

  • Unique Scholarly Articles (3000 words, or 500 words and mixed media)

  • Art Reviews (1000 - 2000 words)

  • Book Reviews (1000 - 2000 words)

  • Scholarly Reviews (1000 - 2000 words)

  • Review articles present critical evaluations of articles that have been previously published. Review articles should include 1) issue being considered, 2) relevance to readers of Art + Violence, 3) summary of previous literature, 4) discussion of areas of agreement, 5) inconsistencies gaps and disagreements.

  • Opinion Pieces (500 - 700 words)

  • Op-Eds are short, narrowly focused articles on contemporary issues, newly published research, or emerging issues relevant to the artistic community.

~ ~ ~

**Abstracts and Proposals are due March 1, 2020. Final Submissions are due April 1, 2020**

Submissions should be sent to

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