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Call For Papers: Innovation Ethics

Inquisitors used to torture and burn innovators. Today, we worship innovation and bow to innovators. Where has this taken us?  

Ideatrek is issuing a Call for Papers from professionals, academics, and independent scholars interested in sharing their vision of the future. The collection of essays will be selected under blind review and will be professionally edited, published and distributed with the support of Ideatrek, an early stage startup studio from Boston, MA.

Ideatrek wants to know, has the last 20 years of innovation been successful? And what does success look like 20 years from now in 2040?

  1. Why the last 20 years?

  2. What do you mean by innovation?

  3. How do you measure success?

Now is your time to think about it, and here are some positions to take:

The Optimist: the last 20 years have been amazing!

The Pragmatist: we’ve made some progress, but could have done better in several areas.

The Pessimist: it was a disaster.

Explore a solution:

Optimist: here’s how we keep it rolling!

Pragmatist: here are several problems we need to focus on the next 20 years.

Pessimist: after we tear it down, here’s what we replace it with.

Here are some other questions to consider:

How does society view the founder? Is risk appropriately distributed across the innovation dynamic? What roles should the government take in scientific progress? What entities are responsible for technical disasters? How important are individual rights and privacy? What problems should innovators focus on for the next twenty years?

If interested in joining this project, you may submit a 300-500 word abstract by September 30th. Final essays (3,000-7,500 words) should be completed by April 30, 2021. Please prepare submissions for blind review along with a CV/resume.

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