• The Rev Ken Howard

Keeping Congregations Connected: Strategies and Tools for COVID-Related Outreach

By the Rev. Ken Howard

Keeping Congregations Connected in the Face of COVID19 is a blog series on strategies and tools for doing and being what God is calling your congregation to be and do in the current pandemic. Click here for the previous post

How can our congregations do effective outreach while the COVID pandemic makes social distancing necessary?

How can our congregations contribute to controlling the Coronavirus?

These are two important questions to ask and answer during the current pandemic (and there are likely many more)…

First, ground yourself in hard data from reliable sources about Coronavirus and COVID-19: What is it? What does it do? How does it spread? How can people both protect themselves from the virus and avoid spreading it to others? How do you know you might have it? What do you do if you think you do? What COVID-related resources are in your area?

Reliable, data-grounded sources and resources include:

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Watch for future posts in this series, which may include:

  • Tools and strategies for hosting online fellowship.

  • Tools and strategies for facilitating online bible study and formation.

  • Tools and strategies congregations can use to locate and reach populations most vulnerable to COVID19.

  • Tools and strategies by which judicatories can resource their congregations

  • Tools and strategies for giving opportunities for giving by mobile phone or online.

  • Things people can do to create a sense of community with their own neighbors and neighborhoods.

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