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About this Virtual Conference

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is hosting the 2021 International eConference on the Historical Jesus, which will bring together historians, philosophers, specialists, and scholars from all over the world to discuss the latest in historical Jesus research.


The purpose of this multidisciplinary virtual conference is to advance the socio-political, historical, hermeneutical, and philosophical understanding of the historical Jesus. This two-day conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for scholars, educators, and practitioners to present their research to international audiences from all different backgrounds.

And because the virtual conference is held online, scholars and students can attend from the comfort and safety of their own home without having to worry about travel and lodging expenses.

Speakers and Schedule of Presentations!

More to be Announced Shortly


Flavors of Jesus Mythicism and Related Discussions

Several of the presentations at this event will be controversial
and some even contradict accepted historical beliefs and practices.

As an academic venture, it is okay to challenge traditional paradigms.

GCRR is hosting this event in order to shed more light on the varieties of Jesus mythicism in the hope that future researchers will not only comprehend (and perhaps empathize with) certain lines of reasoning, but they will also possess a more nuanced discernment of where they agree and disagree with some of the positions presented at this event.