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About Host Jenna Belk
Starving for more answers after unearthing an unimaginable amount of questions, I discovered that I want to make changes to the new world I'm encountering. I've learned that I struggle with my mental health and so much of it has been unnecessarily inflicted by my childhood religious indoctrination. People are unaware of the harm it can cause, so I'm willing to shed some light on that while promoting compassion, empathy, understanding, and patience for those who do (or will know) what it's like to have your world flipped completely upside down. I've even been inspired to begin my own show about sharing a balanced atheist perspective, avoiding extremes, promoting curiosity, education and humility. I'm hoping to help bridge the gap between atheist and theist.

GCRR is proud to partner with the Atheistasis Podcast, hosted by Jenna Belk, which features scholarly discussions and interviews relating to religious and a-religious experiences, academic publications, and the overlap of religion and atheism in everyday life.

Join Jenna Belk as she seeks answers to some of her most pressing questions about religion and explores the wide world of religious scholarship.

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